5th Dimension

by Memnon The Black

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The second song off of my next major project, The Didactic: Book II, set to release in late Fall 2016. Just good music


[Nina Simone Interview Clip]

[Verse 1: Memnon]

No waiting, No hesitation,
This journey ain't for the weak at heart,
I pray to God I got strength to make it,
The smartest men can get torn apart,
By the thoughts that help to create them,
I try my best to escape this,
But every time that I'm by myself I get lost in thought,
My cries for help...
They seem so self-centered in the scope of things,
My people locked up in prison chains,
And once they're free they don't think the same,
We think we know how to beat the game,
But we're spellbound, we're just pieces,
I'm saying chants to release us,
I'm self-trained and I'm still adapting,
To tapping into my spirit

The sight with no eyes,
The tongue with no lies,
The voice with no mouth,
There your soul lies,
And chase the day
That your facades and disguises disappear,
Release the fear

[Verse 2: Memnon]
We get told lies, we get held down,
Never stripping my honor,
There's medicine in the herbs,
Healing strength in the water,
Meet me down by the riverbank,
I feel safest right by the part where the roots of the trees can be seen,
And we can daydream,
And hear Old Man River sing,
And do away with bad memories,
You're not your past man,
And I'm steady drawing symbols in the sand,
This broken stick calligraphy,
Please take time to read it,
Got too distracted, I failed my classes,
My scholarship got deleted,
Lost some traction, my ancestors said,
"Please take time to lead them,
But those camera flashes are soul assassins,
You'll need strategies to defeat them"
I won't take time to reach them...
They gon' pay just to see me...
I ride by in that black Cadillac,
Back seat, you can't scope me,
Evil demons left hopeless,
Young Yurimeshi, spirit gun totin'


[Verse 3: Memnon]

We hot-boxing, ain't breathing right,
Cuz the shit we smoking so lethal,
Ex-girl still talking to me like,
"Why you acting so evil?"
Fist bumping my homie Keaton,
Like, "Damn I still can't believe it",
Bought a microphone,
Set it up right at home,
Now it's too hard to beat us,
Now just sit back and just peep this,
UXF coppped the Yeezy's,
Vicdelmar make the customs,
We just make it look easy,
But you don't know how my soul cries when I see my people not thinking,
When I see they still not believing,
All of this suffering's just for a reason

[Chorus] x2


released September 6, 2016
Gum$ made the beat



all rights reserved


Memnon The Black Richmond, Virginia

Memnon The Black is an independent
American rapper/musician from
Fredericksburg, VA, currently residing in Richmond, VA. His style ranges all the way from songs with highly potent social commentary to very relaxed, vibration-heavy sonic masterpeices. He is also the founder of his own creative engine, NatureBoy Collective Inc., ... more

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